I’d be lying if I said these trailers grabbed me because of anything other than their pedigree. Most of them rely on the rarest commodity in indie games: brand recognition. Hey if you’ve got it, flaunt it, I guess. But a few other trailers in this list show off just how great their games are without having to remind us how they’ve made us smile before.

The Witness – Release Date Trailer

We’ve waited for The Witness since 2008 — when Jonathan Blow started the project after Braid’s success. The Witness still blinds us with beauty and showers its players with a metric ton of line-linking puzzles. But now we finally (FINALLY!) get a release date, as our Josh Hinke reported.

SPL-T – Simogo Trailer

Many revere Simogo as leading innovators of the iOS platform. They’ve won many awards for genre-bending titles like Year Walk, Device 6, and Beat Sneak Bandit. So we can take their word for it when they say this:

“We know. It doesn’t look like much. And this video is probably not going to sell you on it. But we promise that it’s good. Like, really good.”

Laserlife – Official Trailer

The makers of Bit.Trip Runner changed their name and game-art style, but they can’t get away from rhythm-action games. We don’t know why Laserlife pairs first-person rhythm-action with metaphysical philosophy questions, but I hope they figure out how to turn existential dread into a gameplay mechanic. That would be awesome! Sorta.

Land’s End: a VR adventure from the creators of Monument Valley 

Monument Valley transcended so many expectations last year and won even more hearts. It’s great to see the team trying out something new — even if only Samsung phone users who buy a Samsung VR kit can play it. But hey, Samsung VR comes out this month and Land’s End looks like it could be a landmark game for the platform. Maybe that makes it worth the early adoption?

Panoramical – What is Panoramical? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym5ybqkCVX8

Panoramical doesn’t fit many definitions of “game.” That’s why Adam Saltsman lends his voice (and his indie-cred as the maker of Canabalt) to explain the experience. For a project that’s as abstract as this, it’s crucial that somebody bridge the gap between player and maker. Adam’s narration suggests that this game is perfect for the more experimental and musically-oriented players out there.

Mushroom 11 – Launch Trailer 

This trailer explains everything despite how hard Mushroom 11 is to describe. It sets the plot with an immersive animated intro. The gameplay kicks-on and pumps the player-driven sounds at full-volume. They show a meaty dose of impressive puzzle action. And then it tells us where, when and how we can get get our hands on our Mushroom-erasing powers. Tight.

ChargeShot – Multiplayer Release Trailer 

I really couldn’t tell you what the heck is going on in this trailer, though the people playing the game seem to be really happy! Sometimes just showing a whole room of people having fun is all you need. I snagged it for just ten bucks on Steam thanks to this spot.

Extreme Exorcism – Launch Trailer

Extreme Exorcism makes you fight your previous self in ghost form. Each round stacks your previous selves into this chaotic infestation of specters. Super Crate Box players will feel right at home killing waves of enemies to get higher scores to unlock new things. This might be your typical features-text and gameplay trailer. But it’s the features and local multiplayer options that really won me over. This is all you need when you’re showing a fast and frenetic co-op game.

NOCT Gameplay Trailer

This one’s my favorite of this playlist. NOCT reminds me of Lone Survivor’s melancholy psych-horror mixed with Day-Z’s social anxiety. I’ll be watching this one. And anybody who plays the game with me. Always watching.

[Full Disclosure: M. Joshua makes indie game trailers, but none of these are ones he worked on.]