The developers of Sun Dogs, an open world space-explorer based on dynamic text, recently announced a release date on, and now they have a successful Steam Greenlight campaign.

Friend of the site Nic Tringali appeared on our podcast a while back to talk about his and writing partner Rebecca McCarthy’s project. In their own words: “Sun Dogs is a text adventure about exploring our inner solar system. In this distant future, humanity has changed itself in countless ways and spread itself across various planets, moons, and space stations. You explore locations such as the clouds above Venus, mega-cities on Mars, and the frozen asteroid belt. The game comes with a simple modding system as well, allowing anyone to rewrite or add to the game’s text and fiction.”

Since we last spoke on the podcast, Nic has been kind enough to send us a new preview build, and I’ve been fascinated with it. Sun Dogs premieres on on October 29th, with a Steam release now forthcoming.


Source:  Nic Tringali

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