Indie developers who have enjoyed the Xbox Live Indie Games service are going to have to hitch their wagon to a new proverbial post in the next couple of years. Microsoft announced yesterday that they have begun the process of phasing out the long-running project, which will culminate in a full shutdown of their Indie marketplace in September of 2017. The 9th of September, 2016 will mark the end of creators’ ability to publish new games through the service.

The announcement was made through emails sent to all subscribers to Xbox Live Indie, but it took on greater steam as the letter was reproduced in Xbox Live forums, and later in an official blog post announcing the end. XBLIG was started in 2006, and gained a reputation as a viable option for indie developers to ply their trade in the console market–something that was no simple task beforehand, as Chris Charla points out:

“In 2006, video games – especially console games – were a closed shop. You needed to work at a company and know someone to even have a chance of seeing a dev kit, never mind releasing a game. At Xbox, we started with the vision that anyone could create console games. ”

And while the Independent Developer Program at Xbox could be the saving grace for console indie developers of the future, it isn’t without its own problems and hold ups. One can hope, however, that this slow and gradual sunset to oblivion will give both designers and Microsoft themselves enough time to transition gracefully.

For those too enamored with Xbox Live Indie Games to see it go, there is always the hope that the closing process will take so long that Microsoft will simply forget about it in the first place.