Mushroom 11 captures the fun of Play-Doh and turns it into this wildly original puzzle game. We’ve discovered that there’s three layers to understanding what Mushroom 11 is about. There’s hearing about it, which is almost worthless. There’s seeing it, which might give you a good sense of what it’s like, and then there’s getting your hands on it. This video tries to get you as close as possible to that last phase.

Here’s all you NEED TO KNOW about Mushroom 11:

Mushroom 11 is on Steam, and Humble Store.

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M. Joshua makes game trailers when not writing about games. He loves any game experience that engenders empathy to others, be it biographical, co-op, or games about valuing the well-being of your enemies. He loves getting humans together in his house for survival deathmatches.

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