Welcome to Indie Haven’s ‘Need To Know’ videos series. Today we’re looking at Skyshine’s Bedlam. A recent update to Skyshine’s Bedlam fixed many of the concerns folks had with it at first launch. After that update, many players found a game that fulfilled one’s desires for a game that mashed up Banner Saga’s tactical battles with FTL’s risky-jump-based traversal. Without further ado, here’s all you Need to Know about Skyshine’s Bedlam:

[Full Disclosure: I am a Kickstarter backer for Skyshine’s Bedlam at the $15 Digital Copy level.]

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M. Joshua makes game trailers when not writing about games. He loves any game experience that engenders empathy to others, be it biographical, co-op, or games about valuing the well-being of your enemies. He loves getting humans together in his house for survival deathmatches.

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