Earlier this evening, at the spectacularly grand Nottingham Castle, Mike Bithell revealed a whole host of new information about the story and casting of his upcoming stealth action game Volume. Why Nottingham Castle during Gamecity? Because the story of Volume is heavily inspired by the lore of the classic tale of Nottingham’s own Robin Hood (you know, that guy known best for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor).

What do we know about story specifics? Well, the hero of the story is a character by the name of Robert Locksley, a near future version of the classic character determined to turn a lucky accident into his chance to both save the world and be revered as a hero. A small time thief, he accidentally stumbles upon a military training simulator called a Volume, a device used to train one of the warring factions taking part in a long running military coup. With only a few hours (three judging from the VO reveal trailer) to act, Robert uses the device to broadcast simulations to England’s poorest people. Broadcasts of what? Broadcasts of himself demonstrating how to steal from the countries wealthiest people and establishments.

Drawing from existing lore, the game will see players attract the attention of a near future version of Gisborne (up there with the Sheriff of Nottingham on Robin Hood’s list of all time biggest enemies).

So, Mike is best known for the spectacular story that he created for Thomas Was Alone, along with the superb acting job done by Danny Wallace as the game’s narrator (which won him a well deserved BAFTA award). Danny will be returning in Volume as a weapon obsessed AI working along side the main character Robert. The above trailer hints that his personality may well be at odds with that of the main character, as it has been revealed in interviews that Volume will not allow you to kill people during gameplay, where as the AI seems to be intent on pushing guns on you right from the start.
Who’s playing Robert? The game’s protagonist will be played by none other than YouTube megastar Charlie McDonnell, creator of Charlieissocoollike. You can hear a section of his in character dialogue in the above trailer, which shows off how he plans to bring to life his first video game voice over role.
So there you have it, we have some of the most highly anticipated information on Volume ready for you to ingest. If you’re reading this before Sunday Oct. 27, 2013 you may still have time to get to the MCM Expo in London to see Bithell’s and McDonnell’s stage. They will be answering your questions and showing off some of the game in action from 4 p.m. Sunday on the main stage.

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