Another week, another sea of indie games to dip into and sample. Here’s five that we’ve seen and have taken quite a bit of interest in.


10/07/2017 – GORN

GORN is a Virtual Reality gladiatorial combat game from Free Lives, the developers behind Broforce and Genital Jousting, releasing for Early Access tomorrow. Free Lives seem to have quite a diverse range of talents when it comes to the genre and style of their games, and the early prototype of GORN available on have been well-received, so this should be another quirky and entertaining addition to the Devolver Digital catalogue.


10/07/2017 – Antihero

At EGX Rezzed earlier this year, I managed to get about 20 minutes of game time with Antihero, Tim Conkling’s turn-based strategy game that tasks you with running and maintaining a thieve’s guild in a gas-lit Victorian city. It has an interesting fog-of-war stealth mechanic, potential for some really quite devious multiplayer havoc, and has an odd sort of whimsical charm about the whole experience that’s aided by its almost cutesy art style.


12/07/2017 – The End is Nigh

This week we see the release of The End is Nigh, the latest game from indie icon Edmund McMillen. It’s a fast-paced, wall-jumping platformer unsurprisingly reminiscent of Super Meat Boy, but accompanied by a much darker tone in comparison, following the journey of a Ash, one of the very few “things” to have survived the “end of the world.” and if you’re wondering why those are in quotation marks, so am I, as that’s how it’s written on the Steam page. I suppose we’ll find out what that means.


13/07/2017 – Dream Daddy: The Dad Dating Simulator

There’s been a lot of discourse online surrounding Dream Daddy: The Dad Dating Simulator. We’ve seen dating sims with monster girls, pigeons, and even a Brother brand printer. But we’ve never really seen a dating sim about dads dating other dads, especially cute, muscle-bound dads. And that’s what the Game Grumps promise with Dream Daddy, their first game. Suffice to say it’s gotten a lot of people excited, and I won’t lie, I’m one of those people.


14/07/2017 – RXE

I like games that experiment with visual programming, like LittleBigPlanet‘s sackbot programming. RXE looks like it’ll be right up my alley, as it’s a sandbox game entirely dedicated to programming and building robots. Developed by Bryce Messmann and Buce Studios LLC, RXE promises a large collection of parts and a “powerful visual programming language.” And I do rather like the sound of that.


Well, there you have it! Quite the selection. Stay tuned for any follow-up content that might come of each, and look out for next week when we see what else will be on offer.