This week in the UK, many students will be returning to University, which can be stressful with all of the lectures, the exams, and the dissertations. So, fellow students, why not check out these games coming out this week that you can play in-between work to wind down?

19/09/2017 – ECHO

Echo is a third-person action-adventure game with a pretty unique core mechanic. The world that you explore, the Palace, studies your every movement and every action, and creates exact duplicates of you, called Echoes, that operate based entirely on what you yourself have done. You run, they’ll run. You sneak, they’ll sneak. And if you shoot, they’ll shoot. It promises a story-rich experience, and it looks really bloody interesting, and absolutely gorgeous.

19/09/2017 – The Caribbean Sail

Heavily-inspired by The Oregon Trail, 8-bit adventure The Caribbean Sail asks you to “set sail across the Atlantic with your best friend, food.” The game features a variety of pirate-themed mini-games like liars dice and harpoon fishing, is set to a chiptune sea shanty soundtrack, and plenty of all-powerful RNG pirate ships to ruin your ocean quest.

19/09/2017 – Mystic Melee

Fast-paced action platformer Mystic Melee puts you in control of one of four arcane wizards, each with different special abilities and unique aesthetics, as you combo spells and mater the speedy, almost SpeedRunners-esque platforming, with wall jumping, sliding, and dashing. It’s also going to have four-player multiplayer modes that are playable both locally and online, which is an unfortunately rarely-seen option in many games these days.

21/09/17 – Another Lost Phone – Laura’s Story

The spiritual sequel to Accidental Queens’ A Normal Lost Phone (which I spoke to them about hereAnother Lost Phone: Laura’s Story is another delving into the lost mobile phone, this time of a girl named Laura. Explore texts and emails, figure out passwords and hidden applications, and delve into the social life of a person that’s mysteriously disappeared to try and piece together what’s happened to her. I found A Normal Lost Phone to be an utterly fascinating, intentionally discomforting experience, so I’m looking forward to this next release.

22/09/17 – Figment

Bedtime Digital Games, developers of the 2014 story-rich adventure game Back to Bed, are coming out with a new title, Figment. It’s got an absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn art style, a whimsical fairy-tale soundtrack, and some top-notch voice acting/singing. You assume the role of Dusty, and with your friend Piper you go on a journey through the different areas of the human mind, through captivating and surreal landscapes, to defeat nightmarish creatures and restore the mind’s former courage. I’m very excited about this one.

There you have it, a rather promising handful of great-looking indie games to keep yourself relaxed when you’re not panicking about assignments.