1:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, June 5th, 2014, TJ Thomas (@TRONMAXIMUM) said this on Twitter:

Since then, IndiE3 has grown to not only be happening, but it’s been growing rapidly – at the time of writing 60+ game have been submitted and the official @projectIndiE3 Twitter account has accumulated around 850 followers. So what is IndiE3? It’s a cyber-convention spanning from June 9th to the 16th. It’s a game jam running from the 10th to 14th. It’s a show of solidarity among the Indie community. It’s a demonstration of what can happen with drive, commitment, and passion. It’s a movement. It’s happening right now.

IndiE3 is a chance to show off the games you’ve never heard of, learn something about game development, and find out about the people behind the games as they’re being made.  There will likely never be a game made in papercraft at E3. Nor a game about driving along at night with a Hitchhiker. No competitive rock, paper, scissors. There will be at IndiE3.

IndiE3 is about those games you’ve never heard of, the kind that wouldn’t flourish in the environment E3 provides but have plenty of potential to become something excellent outside of that scope.   Going back to TJ Thomas on Twitter, now from the official IndiE3 Twitter account:

IndiE3 is the fan celebration for those who can’t normally be there. For the devs who have trouble keeping lights on. For the gamer who can’t leave their house because of a disability. For the communities who are otherwise ignored or thrown aside.

We at Indie Haven will be providing streamed interviews with Indie developers on the 11th and 12th, featuring people such as Joe Mirabello (Tower of Guns), Megan Fox (Hot Tin Roof), Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio (Astral Breakers), Simon Karlsson (A Song for Viggo), and many more who are going to be showcasing their games at IndiE3, as well as other indie-gaming related content which we will announce over the next few days. You can follow the event as it goes along on the tumblr: http://projectindie3.tumblr.com/ and on Twitter @projectIndiE3. Submit your games to indiE3@a6productions.com. If you’ve got some content you’d like us to feature, give us an e-mail at indiE3@indiehaven.com.

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