Games aren’t always Worth Mentioning because of something good.

This is the lesson we learn as Worth Mentioning explores the monetisation of Warframe – a veritable carnival of some of AAA gaming’s worst habbits that has perplexingly been lauded by many as one of the most ethical free to play models on the market.

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Found in a heavily sealed crate salvaged from a wrecked freighter somewhere in the pacific ocean, Josh was brought to Indie Haven where he now writes features that combine his love of video games with his fascination with the workings of the human mind. Holding that video games, much like any art form, are a form of rorschach test that can often provide interesting insights into onesself, he enjoys writing about the ways in which games interact with his own psychological quirks, especially when it takes him down bizarre and esoteric rabbit holes. He's also a regular on the Indie Haven podcast, where his patented Deep Thoughts take the cast to places no mortal mind should ever venture.

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