I haven’t played Rocket League in a while. For a long time, it was one of my go to games. If I had 20 minutes to spare, I’d almost always fill it with a couple of matches. Unfortunately, when my PS plus membership ran out, for a variety of reasons, I didn’t bother to renew it. Since then, Rocket League has sat on my PS4’s home screen – I’m unable to play, but it serves as a constant reminder of the fun I had with the game, and every once in a while I see the logo, and I miss it.

It seems Psyonix knows exactly how to draw me back in, and sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest difference to a game. From December 14th, an ice hockey themed event called Snow Day, will be made available. The big changes will include replacing the ball with a puck and covering the pitch with a layer of ice. It’s unclear whether this will have any impact on the mobility of the cars, but if so, matches could get even more chaotic than usual, with cars slipping and sliding whenever you try and turn too sharply.

The in-game drops will also include seven confirmed Christmas themed items:

  • Christmas Rocket Trail
  • Blitzen Topper
  • Christmas Tree Topper
  • Sad Sapling Topper
  • Santa Topper
  • Candy Cane Antenna
  • Holiday Gift Antenna

These items will have a lower chance of dropping than regular items, but if you can’t resist pimping out your ride with a sweet Santa hat or some rad reindeer, you’ll also be able to buy them as cosmetic DLC. The event itself will be totally free, but it only lasts until January 4th, so if you want to enjoy playing some Ice Hockey in rocket cars, you’d better get playing during the Christmas season.

Source: Rocket League’s December event has ice hockey playlist, Santa hats [VG24/7]

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