Your Royal Gayness’ Kickstarter launches today, and Finland based development studio Lizard Hazard is out to make waves with their fresh new take on the kingdom management simulator.  Your Royal Gayness stars a gay prince named Amir, who is tasked with running his kingdom while his parents are away. While they’re gone you must keep the peace within your kingdom, make sure your people are happy, keep the economy afloat, and of course make sure that you aren’t forcibly pulled from the closet by prying princesses or dubious public opinion.

Lizard Hazard is careful to note that their purpose in creating Your Royal Gayness is in the interest of diversity, as opposed to ridicule. With a team that consists of “mostly… people who are some part of some sexual minority”, highlighting the struggles some closeted people face is the highlight here, as opposed to the humor being at their expense. Lizard Hazard aspires to be diverse in other ways as well, assuring that NPCs such as princes and princesses are randomized from a selection of body types, skin tones, and different styles of attire.

While the game follows core kingdom management simulator concepts, managing the kingdom as a gay man who cannot be such openly adds interesting caveats. Princesses will often attempt to propose to the prince during gameplay, wherein your Spymaster, an advisor to the throne, will key the prince in on the princesses likes and dislikes so that the prince may better dodge her advances. Using the Spymaster’s clues, the prince must fabricate a story to get her to leave. If successful, the game moves forward and the princess leaves, but if you fail by accidentally appealing to her likes she may appear again, or if your story makes absolutely no sense, your suspicion meter rises. While keeping pushy princesses at bay may be tiring, your position as a would-be King gives you the ability to pass gay-friendly laws, allowing life for both you and your similarly aligned subjects to be much easier.

The core gameplay one could expect from a game of this genre still exists, of course, but with Lizard Hazard’s own unique spin on expected in game events. Over the course of playing their demo, I had to save my kingdom from both an overwhelming amount of cats and glitter, as well as track down and capture a virile wolf who was out eating grandmothers. The main game promises to also include kingdom events, assassination attempts, a Management Phase where you allot advisors to specific daily tasks, and special challenges to help mitigate your suspicion meter.

Lizard Hazard is looking for 5000€ to get Your Royal Gayness fully funded. I’m always a fan of studios and projects looking to explore new horizons when it comes to diverse content, and a gay medieval fantasy kingdom management simulator is something I’d personally love to see come to fruition.

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