Mike Bithell, creator of indie hit Thomas was Alone, announced today at GameCity that Andy Serkis will be voicing the villain in his new game, Volume.

Serkis is best known for his performances as Gollum in The Lord of the Rings or, more recently, as Caesar in the new Planet of the Apes franchise. Serkis is also attached to the new Star Wars trilogy. Serkis will be playing Guy Gisborne, the antagonist from the Robin Hood legend that Volume is based on. Danny Wallace, who narrated Thomas was Alone, will be returning as the narrator and AI companion in Volume as well.

Gisborne’s counterpart and protagonist Rob Locksley will be played by Charlie McDonnell. Locksley commits crimes against rich and powerful people and broadcasts it to the rest of England.

Volume is set to release later in 2015, though no specific date has been set. PlayStation 4 and PS Vita users will get to enjoy it first, with PC and Mac users getting the game the next month.

Below is a portrait of Gisborne.