Swedish studio Might and Delight have today released the first gameplay footage from their animal survival sequel, Shelter 2.

Originally set for release later this year, the sequel was delayed until February 2015 for additional polish.

Combining an eye-opening aesthetic with open-world survival gameplay, Shelter 2 has players assuming the role of a lonely lynx who must mother and nurture a set of newly born cubs.

Conversely, the first Shelter, released last year, had players playing as the mother of a family of badgers.

As shown by the footage at the bottom of this article, the game shows how the player will brave all sorts of weather and terrain as they hunt and gather precious food and den building materials to keep both themselves and their cubs alive.

Furthermore, as their offspring grow stronger, they can also accompany the player and play an active role in the whole hunter-gatherer shtick too.

When it releases early next year, Shelter 2 will arrive on Windows PC via Steam, GOG and other digital distribution platforms.

You can visit the official site of the game here and catch the newest footage for the game below.

Source: Eurogamer

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