Indie Haven is currently looking for aspiring writers to join our team of contributors. We here at Indie Haven are volunteers, so the position will be unpaid, but as a contributing member of the team you’ll be gaining experience with editors who will help you improve as a writer, the ability to work on a wide variety of projects, and the structure and experience of being a journalist. Several former members of the site have gone on to be incredibly successful game journalists, with Indie Haven having a fair reputation among developers, making it a good starting point for those wishing to break into the industry.

Indie Haven is a website proud to promote diversity, and welcomes those of any gender identity, sexual identity, race, or ethnicity to apply and offer their own unique perspective on games and the indie industry.

Those interested in applying should continue reading, and may contact Carolyn Lovelace, Social Media Editor for Indie Haven at with Contributor in the subject line. In your pitch to us please include links to your previously published work, as well as why you’d like to write for Indie Haven.


What do we need?

Indie Haven is currently looking for consistent writers to join our contributor team. This is not a contribution for a single pitch, but an ongoing position as part of a team of aspiring journalists. This means fairly regular production, a willingness to improve week to week, and the ability to cover a variety of topics.

Contributors will have the opportunity to work on things such as game reviews, previews, interviews, opinion pieces and feature articles. Those with other media skill sets such as podcasting, video production, streaming, or artistry will find outlets for those skills in our podcast network PodHaven, Twitch channel, YouTube channel, and any other outlets that may come up over time.


What are our expectations?

We’re looking for motivated writers who can provide consistent pieces on a weekly or biweekly basis guided by the following parameters:

  • You’re comfortable writing a variety of pieces; brief news posts, to lengthy opinion pieces or game reviews.
  • You’re able to write on a consistent basis, at least once biweekly, preferably once a week.
  • You have a willingness to be edited, and can communicate professionally with editors, fellow team members, and game developers.


What do we require?
Contributors are required to keep regular communication with editors and other members of the site. We primarily communicate through discord, and use Trello and Google Documents to keep track of work on the site as well. As stated above, contributors are required to post at least biweekly. Weekly is preferred, but as many aspiring journalists are also students or workers we understand that weekly is sometimes unrealistic. For review embargoes or bigger pieces editors will urge you to keep to deadlines and keep structure in place, but understand that a volunteer position is a volunteer position.

About The Author

Social Media Editor

Carolyn is a bit multifaceted as not just a games journalist but also as a video editor, streamer, and artist. She's been gaming since she was a toddler, starting with classics like the Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis titles and Chrono Trigger. Carolyn is a big supporter of games with vibrant aesthetics, diverse casts, and unique storytelling, and doesn't shy away from an opportunity to scream about how much she loves video games.

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