Well after a couple of exciting days it seems The Binding of Isaacs ARG event is finally over and  we have a brand new character to show for all the effort from those taking part in this exciting event.

When The Binging of Isaac: Afterbirth DLC first released over two weeks ago fans of the game were initially confused as to why there were a couple of items in the game that weren’t accessible.

From there things got even stranger as what initially seemed like a prank from The Binding of Isaac developers at the expense of data miners who ruined some of the games bigger surprises quickly turned into a much larger scheme.

A pretty complex ARG game began that involved finding ciphers that were hidden in the achievement pictures of the game, cryptic tweets from the devs and voicemails that had backwards spoken words. The Binding of Isaac community tore through all of these clues and eventually after literally digging up the ground in an abandoned warehouse in Santa Ana they found a bubble wrapped character called The Keeper.


This new character, which was patched in by the devs, is unlocked by donating 999 ingame coins to the Greed Machine at the end of a Greed Mode run of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.

This unique character doesn’t have a normal health bar, instead you regain health by collecting coins that enemies drop ingame. But here’s the catch: he’s capped at a two cent maximum. So players will have to adopt a more cautious playstyle. On the plus side he does get a triple shot bonus and the wooden nickel item.

With news that there’s still plenty of items and secret achievements left to discover, it seems that The Binding of Isaac still has a few secrets tucked away for the community to hunt down.


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