Blood Bowl 2, the aptly named sequel to the original Blood Bowl, has come to beta. Players who pre-ordered  Blood Bowl 2 will be able to start playing around with the game now as opposed to those who didn’t pre-order and have to wait for the 22nd September. The beta includes multiplayer and singular AI games, but with the release date so close, it is just enough to wet your fingertips in waiting.

The game takes the popular American version of football and combines it with the fantasy of Warhammer, giving birth to strategy sports game we see today. The original Blood Bowl was actually taken from Game Workshop’s board game title of the same name.

As well as the beta going live, a trailer has also been released detailing a new playable Bretonnian race, adding to the Human, Orc, Skaven and Dwarf races. Though the Bretonnian race Is not available to play in the beta version of the game, it will be available to everyone after launch.

The trailer for the new Bretonnian race is available above.

Talking of races, pre-ordering the game will net you an extra race of either the Wood Elves or Lizardmen as well as access to the multiplayer.

Blood Bowl 2 launches 22nd September on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Blood Bowl 2 Beta Launched [AllGamesBeta]

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