Lucas Pope, developer of the critically acclaimed Papers, Please, has released a demo for his next title, The Return of the Obra Dinn.

Revealed back in May, The Return of the Obra Dinn is a 1-bit styled, retro detective adventure set aboard an East India Company merchant ship that mysteriously makes it to port after disappearing at sea.

Folks should be aware however, that the demo represents the game at a very early point in its development.

Indeed, Pope himself states that “This is a very early playable build. There’s not much content and it hasn’t been tested.”  Furthermore, no save feature is available at this time.

Available for both PC and Mac platforms, Pope is keen to hear feedback from players and as such, encourages such folk to provide comments on Twitter or contribute to the game’s ongoing devlog.

The demo (and instructions), can be obtained here.

Source: Lucas Pope

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  • Maer Blaidd

    Even with no content to the demo, it certainly looks interesting.