Hey all, Laura here. Me, Alex and Goggles are currently eleven days into our game for Jam For Leelah and today we’re going to give you all an update on our progress with the game. If you want to know more about the game jam and the basis of the game we’re working on, check out our day one dev blog where we explain the idea behind the game jam, the basis of our game and the team we have working on it.

So, since we last did a dev blog on day one of this jam things have been fairly slow moving. Goggles and I have fleshed out the second branch of the narrative to better fit the narrative of a male trans person. We have a fairly complete map of the narrative now that should allow us to start mapping out in Ren’Py with a clear idea of which narrative branches are going to lead where.
















Following the completion of our Twine map draft, Alex went through, read both narrative branches and noted down lists of character and background art we would need to complete for the current narrative we had set out. While not final, it gave us a good idea of the amount of art we would need completed by the end of the month long jam. Put simply, we needed a lot of art and decided we wanted to go for a fairly bare bones art style to fit our time constraints.












After a little discussion back and forth, we decided that we would like to go for a deliberately undetailed, sketch like art style. Backgrounds made up of short sketched lines, roughly connected rather than solid lines, with block colour fill ins and characters deliberately devoid of facial details. With a game solidly centred on trans people, avoiding levels of detail to their appearance felt like it worked in our favour.

We sent a brief outline of the game and out desired art style to a couple of artists, before realising that we already had the artist we were looking for on our team. It turns out Goggles has a real flair for the art style we were after 😀


So, progress on the game. I’m currently working on doing some rewrites to our script, Alex is learning the ins and outs of Ren’Py and Goggles has gone into full on art production mode. We still have a good chunk of time left on the game, and I’m excited to start seeing the pieces of our game come together.

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