Dimension Drive by 2Awesome Studio is on its way back to Kickstarter in the near future. This follows their brush with the dangers of fraudulent pledges during the initial campaign. The new campaign is set to launch later today at 9:00PM Central European Time.

Though Kickstarter staff declined to help hands-on by making an exception or providing an extension, they encouraged developers David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago to take another stab at crowdfunding through the platform. An outpouring of social media support in the wake of their last-minute downfall pushed the creators over the edge and convinced them to take another stab at securing funds.


Since the space shoot-em-up managed to squeak over the goal just barely last time around, I’ll be interested to see if the widespread coverage of the initial campaign results in more reliable attention. Kickstarter is a breeding ground for underdog success stories  and it’s inspiring to see 2Awesome Studio gear up to go the distance one more time.

Source: Dimension Drive Kickstarter

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