Double Fine Adventure, the 2 Player Productions documentary on the development of Broken Age, finally comes to a close with a 20th episode covering the release of the game’s second act and the post-production blues therein. As with the rest of the series, the episode is free on Double Fine’s YouTube channel.

Perhaps overlooked, the documentary served as a crucial component to the original Kickstarter pitch and focused more on the process of development using a small adventure game as the catalyst. Of course, the Kickstarter broke records in funding and morphed into a full-fledged title for the company. In the original pitch for Broken Age, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer promised that, “Either the game will be great, or it’ll be a spectacular failure caught on camera for everyone to see.”

Fascinating due to the controversies surrounding Broken Age, Double Fine Adventure allows us to compare public perception with the realities of development. Also, the penultimate episode shows a real gut punch endemic of the industry: layoffs due to cancelled projects by publishers. Despite Broken Age’s mixed reception, the 12-hour long documentary is a must watch. It’s like what Abed (and Luis Guzmán) said in the Community episode, Documentary Filmmaking Redux: “Ever seen Hearts of Darkness? Way better than Apocalypse Now.”

2 Players Productions is preparing a retail release of the documentary – Blu-ray and digital download – with bonus footage, commentary tracks, and un-blurred spoilers. (The documentary was originally released during the game’s production, thus a ton of censored documents.) In the meantime, check out the first episode below.

Source: Destructoid