Massive Chalice, Double Fine’s Kickstarted, generation-spanning, turn-based strategy game has been released on Steam Early Access.

The game is available on PC, Mac and Linux with Early Access pricing being set at £17.24, which works out as some 25 per cent off the regular price of £22.99.

Successfully Kickstarted back in June last year, Massive Chalice raised over $1.2 million; smashing its original funding goal of $725,000.

In an e-mail to Eurogamer, Double Fine producer Greg Rice was bullish about the state of the access build saying, “The game is pretty well complete and already playable from start to finish, with the remaining work being mostly balancing, tuning, and polish as we work towards a 1.0 in Spring 2015.  But most importantly it’s already a ton of fun and you should totally play!”

Massive Chalice is a strategy game with RPG overtones where you forge alliances with other families to create unique bloodlines, allowing you to combat an encroaching evil as your existing warriors grow old and die.

As well as support for French, Italian, German and Spanish  languages, Double Fine is also promising functionality allowing you to select your “Core” Bloodline from the database when starting a new game.

Furthermore, as revealed back in June, Massive Chalice is also set to release on Xbox One sometime in early 2015.

You can catch the Early Access trailer for Massive Chalice below.

Source: Double Fine via Eurogamer

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