Microsoft gave inde games a slice of the stage during their presentation at E3 this year rolling out ID@Xbox and sizzle reel of games and studios all lined up to release on the system. Here’s a breakdown of all the games shown and a few words of what they are all about:


We got another look at Below, with the crew at Capybara Games snagging Jim Guthrie to do the music. Guthrie did amazing work on Super Brothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, and this game looks to be much the same. We first saw this game at E3 last year and we get another tantalizing look at this roguelike with the beautiful pixel art style graphics.


Cuphead by MDHR studios certainly had twitter buzzing with a look that is reminiscent of Mickey Mouse cartoons of old. The game has shades of games like Gunstarheroes and Contra with just a little pinch of Super Mario World mixed in. It’s an interesting mashup all brought together with cel-shaded animation and watercolor backgrounds.


Team Colorblind gave us a stylish looking game done in black and white. The gameplay looks to marry turn-based strategy with with real-time beat ‘em up that pits tribes of brutal Aztec style warriors against each other.

Knight Squad

Chainsaw Games gave us this top-down Bomberman style gameplay in this team oriented Indie game. It’ll feature a variety of game modes to give you a variety of game modes including Free-for-All, Capture the Flag and a number of others.

White Night

This survival horror puzzle game by Osome Studios is a stylish looking third-person puzzle game that uses light in a way to create a unique look. The game has strong cinematic references to famous directors of old with references to the likes of Alfred Hitchcock and Roman Polanski.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock is a throwback to RPG’s of old with its turnbased combat and a setting that is certain to draw out a bit of nostalgia from those yearning for the games of yesteryear. The setting is Umbra, a world caught in the midst of war after the planet stopped spinning. You play as Amon, a desert scavenger who is trying to prevent a magical cult from seizing power.

We looked at Earthlock some time ago, when it was being Kickstarted.

Hyperlight Drifter

We featured this game on Indie Haven early on when this game was still going through Kickstarter. Developed by Heartmachine, Hyperlight Drifter harkens back to the console classics of the 16-bit era with some modern sensibilities mixed in.

Lifeless Planet


This is a lonely looking game putting the player in the shoes of an astronaut that discovers a young woman inside of an abandoned Russian laboratory. You need to explore the vast desert environments in a quest for answers and to find the truth.

Slash Dash

Slash and Dash

This is four-player Capture the Flag with ninjas. Play couch co-op with four of your friends in this fun phrenetic looking game. This game won Indiecade 2013’s Audience Choice Award and was showcased at the Indie Megabooth at GDC.


This puzzler utilizes connect allowing players to manipulate a 2D world literally from behind the shadows.

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time

This couch co-op game looks like a neon sign torn straight out of the Eighties. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime puts players in control of a colorful spaceship complete with lasers, shields and thrusters, and tasks you with keeping control while fighting enemies and exploring. This game can be played either solo or with two-player couch coop.

Mighty No. 9

Megaman fans can rejoice over this title. With Megaman creator Keiji Inafune behind this one, this may be the closest we will come to a return of the iconic Blue Bomber.


This first-person survival horror game by Broken Window Studios is eerie featuring visuals that look on par with some AAA games. The enivronments are dark, dank and eerie looking, which makes for an intriguing (and disturbing) atmosphere.


This Indie title by Grin is a gorgeous looking title putting players in the shoes of a steampunk version of Red Riding Hood. With a perpetual scowl on her face, she must use her hatchet to battle scores of demons and other sinister foes.


This is certainly one of the more unique looking titles to come out on Xbox One. This game puts players in an arena that pits eight-players against each other that has shades of coin-op classics like Bomberman and Joust.


This puzzle title was a hit on iOS and now it comes to Xbox One. It makes combining numbers a treat with a clean style and slick visuals paired with some charming sound effects.

Fenix Rage

This platformer has a delightful comic book style, and is fact-paced and action-packed enough to match up with its inspiration. This Metroidvania-style game is sure to give some thumbs a workout in your quest to find a cookie, of all things.


This is certainly one of the more impressing looking titles with graphics on par with any AAA tiles. Arm yourself with a sword, shield or any other medieval weapon and face off with any number of mythological monstrosities.

Plague INC: Evolved

Destroying the world with a virus of your own choosing comes to the Xbox One with the latest version of this game by Ndemic Creations. This version will include cooperative and competitive game play in addition to a content creator.