In a recent interview with Destructoid, Edmund McMillen and Fingered partner James Id shared their thoughts on current projects, the future of the Binding of Isaac series and returning to game design.

Ed McMillen explains that after a long break to deal with personal issues, their current project Fingered was a way to get back into the swing of things. “Fingered was how I got my feet back in the water, it was a small game I made with a friend that was being made purely because we wanted to ‘have fun making a weird ass video game.’ It was a very refreshing way to jump back into game design for me, its nice to get back to why I started making games and kinda enjoy that feeling again”

f2Speaking on the next step for Binding of Isaac, McMillen said “Afterbirth will be coming out in the next month or two” adding “Afterbirth is a mega update to the game that should add a good 200+ more hours to most peoples games and adds a great deal of new and interesting ways to play/things to do.”

Finally when asked how Super Meat Boy Forever is coming along he answered “Super Meat Boy Forever is back in development again and is my primary project at this point now that Afterbirth is basically complete on my end and Fingered is [almost] out.”

For those of you who don’t know about McMillen’s current Super Meat Boy game, he plans for it to be a touch based game on PC and mobile platforms. McMillen, co-developing with Tommy Refenes, blogged “we want to make something that embodies the original Super Meat Boy but is designed around a simple yet intuitive control scheme allowing for pin point accuracy and surprisingly deep controls without the use of multiple buttons/analog sticks.”

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