You have seen the name Ashley Ross on Indie Haven before, either on this month’s Developer Roundtable or in our interview with him about his LD48 Game Jam entry Dot. During the first day of Etoo we were able to take some time to meet with the developer and play touch screen version of the game, which he has been working on since the Game Jam finished last month

Dot. is a sidescroller with a difference. You play as a silhouetted person, running over industrially shaped silhouetted structures in front of a setting sun. At times you’ll encounter areas where platforms will move or dangers will appear n a way that is impossibly to manoeuvre around without dying, these are the times when your ability to stop time by clicking or tapping the right hand side of the screen comes in.

When you stop time, platforms stop moving and traps, spikes or dangers stop moving too. You can continue to navigate the level, restarting time when you’re free of danger. It’s a simple mechanic in theory, but becomes challenging in practice, a little like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. There’s also a limit to how long time can be stopped for in the Android build which helped to resist the temptation to just keep time paused at all times.

It’s tough to tell from a short time with the game whether this is something I’ll begin to find more natural mechanically as a player, but I know that it made for some interesting puzzles and I’m eager to put more time into the game once it’s full selection of levels is in place. It’s a challenge, but it’s never unfair.

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