Of the many indie games shown off at this week’s EToo event in London, one of the most surprisingly polished titles on show was Foul Play, a unique take on the 2D side scrolling fighter genre.

Foul Play is a beat ’em up game set on a stage. There’s an audience watching you fight, actors dressed in cheaply made costumes, people coming onto the stage at the wrong time and having to run off again and more. The general idea is that, rather than running out of health being your loosing condition, you loose if the audience become too bored. You have to keep them entertained by performing long combos, exciting moves that are different rather than monotonous and generally keeping things interesting rather than just mashing the same button the whole time.

The game follows the story of Baron Dashforth, an elderly English gentleman of class and sophistication. After a life of adventure, fighting horrible monsters and discovering new parts of the world, he decides that the best way to pay homage to his life is to put on a West End show with himself playing the staring role.

The game has a very British sense of humour, revelling in a Victorian era Sherlock and Watson style world filled with very British adventure and mystery, but with an over the top twist on expected conventions. It’s hugely amusing to play through and makes great use of it’s setting and inspirations.

The game has a very polished art style that makes the most of emphasising the games unique concept. The character models all have a slight South Park vibe to their big round head and paper thin design. It’s all hugely colourful, the characters are all bold and easily understood and the whole design comes together to create a wonderfully cohesive experience.

I’m really excited to get my hands on the full game when it’s available. For an Indie title this ambitious, it all seems to be coming together into a much more polished and fully realised product than I had initially expected and I’d highly recommend you keep your eyes on the game as it gets close to it’s release late August or Early September this year.


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