Almost four years since it first arrived on the indie expo circuit, multiplayer fencer Nidhogg is finally being unleashed onto the world within the hour.

The premise of Nidhogg is simple, get to your opponent’s side of the screen. Do that thrice in a row and you win the match. But the mechanics involved in stopping them, as well as the speed and pace of matches, makes it an exhilarating multiplayer battler.

Released on Steam at 10am PST/6pm GMT (at the day one discount price of $11.99, RRP $14.99) Nidhogg comes with a bot-filled singleplayer, local versus and tournament multiplayer mode, as well as a new online mode – though from brief stints with the game, we can tell you that it’s much better experienced in the same room as your opponent.

The final release also comes with a new map, bringing the total to four, and a dynamic soundtrack from eclectic electro producer Daedelus. Keep an eye out for our review soon, or watch the release trailer below and make an instant consumerist assessment.

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