Via the PlayStation Blog, Sony has confirmed that Messhof’s 2D swashbuckling title, Nidhogg, will release this week on PS4 and PS Vita.

The competitive multiplayer fencing title is set to release today on October 14 in North America followed by a European release on Wednesday, October 15.

Nidhogg will also support Cross-Buy on PlayStation platforms, so buying the game on either PS4 or PS Vita, will nab you the other version at no extra cost.

A 2D fighter with a bleeding retro aesthetic, Nidhogg places a premium on pixel-perfect attacks and evasions with highly responsive controls. Presented as a tug-of-war style scenario, the objective is for each of the two players to make it to the left or the right of each area depending on where they start off.

With each kill that is made, the player who struck the fatal below can run freely until the opposing player respawns and the duel to push in each direction begins anew.

Able to be played locally or online with two players, the Vita version also supports ad-hoc mode; allowing two players with a Vita handheld each to compete against each other.

Furthermore, not only can two players play on the same Vita by using one thumbstick per player, but the game also features a local multiplayer tournament that can accommodate up to eight players.

Ben Meredith reviewed Nidhogg for PC at the beginning of the year, bestowing a grand 8/10 score upon the game whilst drawing positive comparisons to the Smash Bros games on Nintendo consoles.

If you’re still a little mystified as to what the game entails, you can check out the PS4-centric trailer for Nidhogg below.

Source: US PlayStation Blog

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