Growing up, I always wanted to be Sailor Moon. No, that’s a lie. I still want to be Sailor Moon. Luckily for me, Magical Girl Jam wrapped up recently – meaning there are now a ton of free games that let me live out that dream. If you think your life would be drastically improved by a magical transformation, our top two picks of the Jam are:


Spelling Spells! Okay, so this one gets bonus points as I’ve been eyeing up Typing of the Dead all week, and this is a similar mechanic but with sparkles! You can play it in your browser, and it’s quick to get the hang of since instead of typing random phrases you type the spell names. Referencing everything from Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z, the spells are varied and often challenging – but that’s the fun of it!

magicalcyborgMagical Cyborg Mitsuki!? takes the magical girl genre and upgrades it. Wielding spells such as Binary Song and Solid-State Heart, you challenge the alien invasion with the power of love and robotics. This turn-based RPG is wonderfully self-aware, with your character’s best friend recording every time you transform to upload to the internet, and there’s genuine heart in here, making it utterly charming.

If this just leaves you wanting more, check out the Magical Girl Jam tumblr for more submissions.


Fancy being a super cool hero without the glitter? Why not try being a Super Cool Surgeon? This twine game will make you cringe and laugh simultaneously as you live out the escapades of one totally competent (honest) and awesome (still not lying) surgeon.



What if you’re more of a mobile games fan? I know, I’ve neglected you the past few weeks – but that’s why we’ve brought Ben in! Ben’s here to tell you all about the top free games you can play on your phone, and to start here are his top two of the week:

Dead Trigger 2 – A very good looking game considering it’s both mobile and free, which is pretty much the best iteration of an FPS using a touch-screen I’ve seen. The levels recall the Call of Duty Zombie model and the addition of base building elements keep the levels from becoming too samey. (Itunes link here).

100 Doors: Aliens Space – Android only, 100 Doors is very easy to start, as well as pick up or put down at a moment’s notice. You won’t need the best phone to run it smoothly and some of the puzzles are genuinely quite inventive, giving me more than a few head-scratching moments.

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