PlayTech, developer of online gaming and sports betting software announced Monday that it will acquire YoYo Games, developer of the popular GameMaker: Studio, for $16.4 million.

“The reason we accepted the offer from Playtech was they were the first investor who didn’t want to alter our vision,” said a YoYo Games representative. “They haven’t just bought the company, they’re committed to investing in YoYo Games in a way that we have never been able to previously. With their help we can now push ahead and hire more people and make GameMaker: Studio an even better platform for casual games developers everywhere.”

GameMaker: Studio is the platform for a number of indie games, including Hotline Miami, Galactic Missile Defense, Risk of Rain, Gods Will Be Watching, Gunpoint, Spelunky and over 750,000 others.

A full list of games created with GameMaker: Studio can be viewed here.

“Playtech’s acquisition of YoYo Games is part of a bigger plan to further diversify our strong and growing segment in casual gaming, a segment whereby we feel we can add considerable value via a combination of many years of expertise, cutting-edge technology and market value,” said Playtech in an official release.

In the official statement, Playtech said it has no plans to change YoYo Games’ existing operation or business focus.

Source: YoYo Games

  • Seems fitting for a gambling house to own a commercial game development platform since commercial development is at its heart a glorified form of gambling. We really need (and should so better support) sturdy Linux-like platforms with BSD style terms, or better yet public domain, who gives a shit, platforms.