Apotheon, the side-scrolling, Greek mythological action RPG by Alientrap, will release on PlayStation 4 in January 2015.

The developer confirmed the release details in an entry on the Official PlayStation Blog.

With an art style that replicates ancient Greek black pottery, Apotheon tasks players as a divine warrior whose mandate is to rid Olympus of the corruption that plagues it as the result of all the deities abandoning Earth to live up there.

Speaking about the game, designer Jesse McGibney was keen to impress the free-form nature of the game saying, “There’s a lot to explore, and you’re free to bring the fight to any of the Gods who reside nearby. Crash Apollo’s extravagant party, test your wits against the dangerous forests of Artemis, descend to Hades and back again, or maybe just break into some Agora houses to plunder some shiny Olympian treasure.”

In terms of gameplay, Apotheon combines challenging platforming, action and RPG elements to create what looks to be quite the engaging experience.

Although no details were shared regarding the Steam release of Apotheon on PC, Mac and Linux platforms, it would seem safe to presume that the game will release at the same time (if not earlier), than the PlayStation 4 version.

Furthermore, the developer is offering pre-orders of the Steam version of the game at the price of $13.50 on the official site for a limited period.  Once the offer has expired, the game will return to its standard price of $15.

You can catch the PlayStation 4 trailer for Apotheon below.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog

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