Blowfish Studios have released a new DLC for Gunscape today that allows players to turn the classic FPS-inspired world-building fusion into a sci-fi horror experience.

The DLC, called Seismic, adds a whole selection of new enemies and building tools to the game, as well as four weapons: the Death Grip, the Mark VII Singularity Sword, the Fusion Magnum, and the Surge Gauntlet. We’ll also see the Coin game mode added, in which players need to collect coins amidst the chaos of levels in order to score points.

Benjamin Lee, CEO of Blowfish Studios, said that “we’re excited to see how Gunscape’s passionate players incorporate the Seismic Pack’s futuristic horror aesthetic into the content they create.”

What’s also of note is the promise that Gunscape will be getting PC-to-Xbox One and PC-to-PlayStation 4 crossplay through a free update. While having that shared multiplayer experience between PC players and respective console players, one does wonder PlayStation and Xbox’s continued lack of co-operation on this front will affect matchmaking in any negative regard.

Gunscape is a game that I haven’t had the opportunity to play yet, but I’ve always been interested in trying it out. This new DLC has certainly rekindled my interest in doing just that, so expect my thoughts on it soon.

Gunscape Steam Link || £14.99/$19.99/€19.99

Gunscape – Seismic Steam Link || £1.99/$2.99/€2.99

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