Eurovideo Medien and Mosaic Mask Studio have teamed up to bring you Heaven’s Hope, a comedy point n’ click adventure following the journey of Talorel, a fallen angel who has lost his halo and wings.

As we all know, Earth is a strange place, and the small, late 19th century English town of Heaven’s Hope follows that trend, as the fanatical nun Greta has reinstalled the Inquisition. Talorel will meet many quirky characters on his mission to get back to Heaven. The game boasts numerous puzzles to solve across this 12-15 hour long adventure, including mini-games.

Check out the latest trailer on Youtube, it certainly gives off that Monkey Island vibe:

Heaven’s Hope will be available on February 25 2016 on Steam for PC. The RRP is £17.99/€17.99/$19.99 and comes with the digital art book featuring commentary from Mosaic Mask Studio’s Lead Artist Helge C. Balzer.