Sony had a great reveal for the PlayStation 4, but now the spotlight is on Microsoft. Tomorrow, we will undoubtedly hear all about its fancy electronic insides, updated Kinect and possible controller upgrades. But what can Microsoft do to surpass the goodness that was Sony’s conference?

Show us the box

Sure, it’s silly to focus so much on what the actual system will look like, but after Sony’s conference there were a ton of people wishing they would have shown the box. I am personally in the camp of wanting to see what it looks like. After all, if this generation is the same length as its preceding one, the next Xbox will be under my TV for years. I don’t want something gaudy and horrifying a la Virtual Boy. Plus, if they show it off there’s no reason for anyone to be angry – though, we all know people will be anyway.

Price details

One of the biggest questions left unanswered after Sony’s PlayStation 4 conference was how much it would cost. I’m hoping Microsoft takes a chance and releases the price tomorrow. From a consumer’s perspective, I would really like to know the price incase I need to get a second job to afford it… Ha! – Sony jokes. But really, a big question like this is annoying if left unanswered for too long. Not to mention, I can officially start saving money for my new, expensive addiction-box.

More games, less talk about games

If there was one major weakness at Sony’s conference, it was that they got superfluous with what they showed off. Yeah, it’s cool that you can drop 1,000,000 blue polygons all at once, but does that really convey the system’s power to the general consumer? And what was with the old man? That’s a weird demographic to show off for a system that isn’t running Wii Bowling. So tomorrow, let’s see more games, maybe even cut together in a cool action reel with bumping tunes. Montage!


Hands on time

The PS4 event was a fun spectacle to watch, but none of the journalists there got some hands on time with the console. This is another area where I think Microsoft can step up and beat Sony. I’m sure that the Xbox will be all the rage on the internet for the next few days, but some preview pieces and hands-on articles could really help extend the coverage even longer. Plus, I don’t think the Internet trusts watching a demo as much as they used to. Thanks a lot, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Resolve the “always online” problem

One way or another, Microsoft needs to stop the rumors that its future console is always online. They’re getting tons of press about it, but it’s almost exclusively negative, and discussions have even lead to members of their staff getting fired. I don’t think the next Xbox will require you to always be connected to the Internet, but if it does, Microsoft needs to bite the bullet and say so.

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