We at Indie Haven like to get you as close as possible to the games you love, and the people making them. That’s why every month we aim to bring together a wide selection of of Indie Developers from all walks of life, from BAFTA winners to teenage and student devs, to discuss the hottest issues affecting games, development, coverage and the Indie community. These chats will be broken up into chunks and released across the month, before we start all over again with new developers and new questions.

This month we kick off our Roundtable series with a fantastic group of developers. Some you know well, some you may not and some are the stars of tomorrow. We’ve got Mike Bithell (Award winning creator of Thomas Was Alone), Charlie Nash (Up and coming teenage dev), Nicoll Hunt (The mind behind Time Travelling Lumberjack Punching a Bear in the Face Simulator Fist of Awesome), Tim Keenan (Half of the husband and wife team behind A Virus Named Tom), Katharine Neil (Creative force behind the darkly humoured adventure Alone in the Park) and Matt Kain Lewandowski (Part of the bearded brotherhood known as Team2Bit. Winners of IGN’s The Next Game Boss and developers of the upcoming beat ‘em up Fist Puncher).Simon Roth (Developer of the huge Kickstarter success Maia) also joins us toward the end of the Roundtable (I say toward the end as he was significantly delayed due to the wonders of public transport). 

If you’re an Indie Dev of any size that would like to take part in a future roundtable, please email Laurak@IndieHaven.com and let us know a little about yourself. The more the merrier.

Simon’s Arrival and Favourite Unknown Titles

Nicoll Hunt: Simon’s here!

Matt Kain Lewandowski: Let’s roll.

Nicoll Hunt: Quick everyone hide.

Charlie Nash: Simon! Simon! Simon!


Simon Roth: Hello!

Laura Kate: Hooray

Laura Kate: We have time for one more question, got to make this count.

Charlie Nash: “Hi I’m Simon and I like space things”

Matt Kain Lewandowski: Pressure is on.

Mike Bithell: Simon! Space! Your thoughts?

“What’s your favourite Indie Game that you doubt the rest of the group have played?”

Simon Roth: Nidhogg . 😀

Charlie Nash: I really enjoyed a game called The Journey Down: Chapter One made by SkyGoblin. Anyone played it?

Matt Kain Lewandowski: Fruit Kicker.

Nicoll Hunt: I loved Justin Smith’s Realistic Summer Sports Simulator.

Katharine Neil: Yeah, I’ve played some of The Journey Down.

Matt Kain Lewandowski: Love Nidhogg!!!

Tim Keenan: 2 fails!

Mike Bithell: Sophie H’s first person adventure game prototype.. gutted she canned it. Felt awesome.

Matt Kain Lewandowski: A Virus Named Fist Puncher.

Tim Keenan: +1

Charlie Nash: I played that Matt, sorry you lose.

Tim Keenan: I only play games with the name TOM/Thomas.

Mike Bithell: DAMN RIGHT!

Katharine Neil: Anyone played Devil’s Advocate on iOS?

Charlie Nash: Nope sorry

Mike Bithell: Nah, good?

Katharine Neil: Sorry, I think I meant “Devil’s Attourney”

Nicoll Hunt: No, but it has a super cool video on YouTube.

Charlie Nash: Creepy Watson? Anyone played it? haha

Matt Kain Lewandowski: I would actually argue that most early games were indie in spirit. So for a question like this I would dig back into the guts of a system like the Atari 2600 and say something like Solar Fox, Yars Revenge, Frostbite, etc.

Mike Bithell: Yep

Katharine Neil: Sir you are showing your age

And with that we end another segment of Indie Dev Roundtable here at Indie Haven. Next time we discuss the biggest ways that coverage of indie games needs to change. What do you think? Do you have a favourite indie game that very few of your friends have played? Have you played any of the games above? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @Indie_Haven.