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Those of you grew up in the UK in the nineties likely remember that classic show Robot Wars, a show where families and friends build little vehicular robots on wheels with weapons strapped to the sides of them and put them to battle. What if you could take that concept, throw in a heaping dose of lego style modular building pieces, a minecraft style resource collection and resource crafting syetem and sprinkled on aspirations of having a persistent online world for players to explore together, destroying each other to collect up the parts and add them to your own robot vehicle? Look no further than TerraTech.

While TerraTech is still at an early stage, all of the core mechanics are playable. You can you can build a vehicle, rebuild it using parts from destroyed vehicle, drive it around, shoot at AI-driven enemies and scavenge parts from them.  The developers, West London Games, have funding currently to get the demo completed and polished with the hopes of using this playable demo to show off at events, sell gamers on the idea of the game if they go the Kickstarter route and to show it off to publishers and gauge their interest in the project.

After getting to see an early build of the game we asked Russ Clarke from the development team where the idea for the game initially came from, he told us “The first germ of the idea came from an awesome browser game called Captain Forever (which you should totally go and play if you haven’t already), which is like a 2D Elite-style thing where you snap spacecraft together out of blocks, and fight them. Taking that concept into 3 dimensions, on solid ground with vehicle physics, was the first major beachhead for us”.

“As soon as we cracked that, we saw we had something really fun and imaginative, and then the ideas just kept coming. We’re big fans of open-world crafting and survival games, which tend to have a strong focus on reshaping your environment, but there aren’t so many games that bring the same freedom and depth to redesigning yourself. This is proving to be a lot of fun to explore!”.

Talking to Russ we also wanted to know where his ambitions for the title lay, assuming he could get the required publisher of Kickstarter funding.

“The grand vision is a fully synchronous, massively multiplayer game. People would build vehicles in a huge open world, band together, form factions, attack each-other in big pitched battles over resources and supply routes. Build forts to guard their hoards, even mobile cities on wheeled platforms and rocket pads. We imagine players organically generating group strategies and specialised roles – like moving in convoys for protection, with some players driving mega-trucks, some scouting and some tooled up to fend off bandits. Inevitably, there will be bandits! But also mercenaries, bounty hunters, arms traders… you name it.

Realistically, we may not raise enough to make that version straight away! But we have a whole slew of different slants to the experience, that can form steps along that road, including a single-player progression arc and some cool ideas for asynchronous multiplayer. We’ll be talking a lot more about this stuff as time rolls on…”

The current plan for the game is to run a Kickstarter in around April to secure additional funding to go into full production of the title. Before that the game will be playable at the LEftfield Collection at Rezzed March 28-30 2014. The developers are aiming for the Bafta Inside Games Show this year, with plans to have an Alpha out to supporters during 2014 and the main launch for the game in Q1 2015.

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