Indie Haven is looking for contributors to join our talented group of aspiring game journalists. We’ll be up front about not being able to pay you with money, but our value is in providing structure and a top-notch group of editors to help you improve as a journalist. Several of our alumni have gone on to successful careers as game journalists, and contributing to Indie Haven could be an opportunity for you as well.

Diversity is important to us at Indie Haven and we welcome any women people of color or LGBTQ contributors in particular that want to offer their perspective on games.

If you are interested read on then email us at with Contributor in the subject line. Be sure and attach or provide links to previously published works and explain to us the reasons why you want to write for Indie haven.

What do we need?

We need reliable and motivated contributors willing to post quality content on Indie Haven. What matters most to us is regular production and a willingness to improve from week to week.

Indie Haven has a good reputation within the industry so writers will have the opportunity to work on things like game reviews, game previews, opinion articles, interviews and feature articles. For the video savvy, Indie Haven also has a YouTube and a Twitch channel for those interested in utilizing that skill.

What are our expectations?

We are looking for motivated contributors that are willing to work as a team and write a variety of different articles:

  • The flexibility to write anything from a 150 word news post to a 1000 word opinion article or game review.
  • We strive to be a professional publication and the editors here will hold you accountable to agreed upon deadlines and minimum levels of production.
  • A willingness to be edited. Every story is read by an editor before hitting the front page and we will read your work thoroughly to ensure it hits a high level of quality before ever reaching the front page.

What do we require?

Regular communication amongst fellow contributors and editors. That means the ability and willingness to use Discord, Trello and Google Documents. Ideally, all contributors and editors should post at least one thing to the site per week. That could be anything from news posts to game reviews.

About The Author

Editor In Chief

Jose is a straight shooter who always goes the paragon route. He joined the team at Indie Haven to spread the word about indie games all across the galaxy. When not aboard the Normandy, he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area playing video games and plotting ways to rid the world of games like Colonial Marines.

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  • THUNK582019

    Are there age restrictions?

  • That one per week rule is a good one. You guys post plenty of articles every week, you really don’t want to have much more or it would overwhelm readers. You can always know about how many active contributors you need with that rule.

    I know you guys treat the contributor pool kind of like a early experience mill, but I think if you really sat down and worked out prize winning formulas for compelling features you could probably aspire to be a prestigious institution.