Kickstarter is fertile ground for indie games. Securing funding through crowd sourcing is about as grass roots as it gets, but there are so many projects out there that sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones are worth donating money to. Indie Haven wants to solve that issue for you by keeping you up to date on some of the best games you might not have heard of.

The basics: The Kickstarter began on May 28 and needs $50,000 by June 27 to secure funding.

About the game: Our Darker Purpose is a genre bending rogue-like that takes place in a school called Edgewood home for Lost Children. The top down view has shades of A Link to the Past while the upgrade system is much like Diablo. It is the art style that truly sets this game apart with the black and white color palate and characters that are creepy cute.

Whose Behind it:  The game was spearheaded by the trio of Will Wu, David Roth and Caitlyn Kurilich at Avidly Wild Games. Our Darker Purpose started out as a graduate school project that evolved into a full blown game. Roth and Wu are developers and Kurilich is responsible for unique art style and character designs.


Why Kickstarter:   Development for Our Darker Purpose has been mostly out of pocket, but that can only take a game so far. They need money to illustrate and animate the enemy factions in the game, add sound effects and help out with marketing. Small donations will get you an in game item, while mid-tier rewards are extra perks for characters.


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