Aberford – Funding Goal: $675,000

Sketchy Panda Games

Aberford is third-person brawler that combines intense, timing-based combat with the in-depth story of adventure games like The Walking Dead. Set in the 1950s, Aberford takes its (thoroughly underused) setting and combines it with a strong female cast to provide a fresh take on the whole “zombies” thing.

In order to get Aberford, you need to pledge $25 for the early bird discount and $30 once the early bird discounts are gone. The base game will be released on PC, although Sketchy Panda Games has expressed interest in publishing on as many platforms as possible. Aberford’s Kickstarter ends on October 19th, so make sure to give it a look before time runs out.

-Dakota Corley


Muv Luv: A Pretty Sweet Visual Novel Series – Funding Goal: $250000

The Muv Luv Team

First released twelve years ago, the Muv-Luv games are finally receiving a professional translation. For those not aware, Muv-Luv is a series of visual novels that started off as typical high school romance, only to balloon off from there. The translation will cover two games: Muv-Luv, the conventional high school entry, and Muv-Luv Alternative, the sequel that introduces all the grand sci-fi epic elements (alternate reality, large scale war, etc.).

I’ll admit, many of the projects I cover for this are localizations for visual novels. Not many of those visual novels are as big as Muv-Luv, though. While I don’t have any personal experience with the series, I understand it’s had a huge impact; certainly large enough to become the top VN on VNDB. Hell, the project has already received over twice its initial $250000 funding goal. So to see the game be made available to a wider audience and finally get a professional translation (up until now, it’s only been fan translations) has piqued my interest.

A $25 pledge will get you a copy of Muv-Luv, and an extra $10 will get you Muv-Luv Alternative, too (both for PC). The Muv-Luv Kickstarter is set to end on November 3.

— Brian Crimmins


Bertram Fiddle – A Victorian Animated Adventure Game – Funding Goal: £25,000

Rumpus Animation

The cliched portrayal of Victorian London as a dark and eerie place has become a tad stale in recent years. Adaptations often depict Victorian society by taking influences from the gothic fiction which was so popular at the time. As a result, I often find myself confused by such portrayals- with the presence of music ill-fitting of the time period and the general sense of gloom it often comes across as  forced, inaccurate, and just plain lazy.

Luckily, someone at Rumpus Animation clearly feels the same way. By taking the standard depiction of the time period and exaggerating it to ridiculous levels Rumpus have managed to create a charming point and click adventure, which mocks these adaptations in a way I can very much get behind. You play as the titular Bertram, as he tries to clear his name after being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The emphasis is placed on comedy and the story is packed with strange characters and terrible puns.

The kickstarter is being used to fund the development of episode two of the series. Episode one was released in April to very positive reviews, and the second game promises to be even bigger and better than the first. A copy of the game for PC, Mac, iOS or Android, backer will require a pledge of £5 or more. A pledge of £10 will also get you a copy of the first episode as a bonus. The campaign is currently 22% funded, and is set to end on the 6th November.

— Philip Aldous

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