LadyCADE, a women inclusive gaming event, will hold its Spring Social at the Loading Bar in Dalston, London on March 23, 2015 from 5pm to 11pm UTC.

Founded by Gemma Thompson, Holly Pickering and Hazel McKendrick in 2013, LadyCADE events are described by the organizers as safe spaces in which women can share their passion for games and game-making. Female developers’ games will be showcased at the social during an evening of drinks, gaming and chat.

Attendance is free, however LadyCADE accepts donations to fund the purchase of exhibition supplies such as flyers, posters, pop-up banners, stickers and other presentation materials.

Attendees are encouraged to RSVP and make any donations on the event’s page at, however ticketing is voluntary.

LadyCADE is open to the public, and to peoples of all genders. More information about the event and the organization can be found at

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