Indie Haven editors Jose San Mateo and Laura Kate live streamed The Walking Dead Season 2 episode one on the Twitch Channel  Included here are videos of their play through and a run down of all the major themes and discussion points brought up throughout their playthrough. 

The first season of The Walking Dead done by TellTale Games received critical acclaim when it came out and garnered a few Game of the Year votes by the end of 2012. Its honors were well deserved, but success breeds expectation and any fan of the series will come into this game with high expectations. Season two does not disappoint thus far. The technical improvements on the game play, UI and art style should be noted, but its the decision to put all the focus on Clementine where this series takes a fascinating turn.

Season two also says something about the future of video games.

The success of this franchise and Telltale’s approach mirrors something we’ve seen in other industries. The Walking Dead is episodic, split up into seasons and centered around a strong lead character. This is the way television shows are written and distributed and it wouldn’t be surprising to see this hybrid approach become more popular. Given the way season two has started, it’s not that hard to imagine season three and four of The Walking Dead featuring Clementine

Here’s all seven parts of the live stream with a few thoughts on each one:

Clementine the leading lady

In The Walking Dead her life is defined by Lee and how he chooses to raise her. They were partners defined by a father-daughter relationship and you really couldn’t seperate the two of them when it came to discussing the series. Clementine is such a strong character in the second season that I could see here as the leading lady for season 2 and beyond.

Telltale makes it clear that Clementine is going to suffer. Episode 1 makes it clear they aren’t afraid to pull punches when it comes to Clementine and as tragic as her life goes, she is a much better character for it.

So good it hurts

What makes this chapter so compelling is what Telltale Games is willing to put Clementine through. The chain of events following season one are tragic and it’s painful to see Clementine go through it because of the reltationship players developed with her as a little girl. Clementine is older now, but she’s also beaten down and exposed to the harsh realities of life in a post apocalyptic world.

Canine companion

This video more than any other illustartes what makes Telltale games so good at what they do. They know how to absolutely break your heart and that’s a hallmark of great writing. This part felt like the final straw and really sowed the seeds of mistrust in all things good for the remainder of this chapter.

Group dynamics

Clementine finally meets some other survivors and it quickly becomes a fight for survival. What she’s gone through up till this point in the game really starts to impact decisions and given what she’s gone through, it’s really hard to put any faith in other people.

The seeds of distrust

In a fight for survival Clementine has to steal medical supplies from the group that takes her in. We find out what members of the group have to hide and Clementine meets a potential friend in Sarah. She faces her first real choice about how much past events have impacted her outlook on life.

Clementine the amateur surgeon

This video is just painful to watch and is a good example of the fine balancing act that Telltale Games has to perform. They need to make Clementine strong enough to live on her own, but definitely not super human.

A rather abrupt end

Clementine faces the choice that will propels us into episode two. The end was rather abrupt given how good this episode was overall.

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