Luckslinger, the new headbobbin’ western from Duckbridge, is set to release on Steam in five days time. Luckslinger is an action platformer with an emphasis on luck. “In Luckslinger, luck is measurable, collectable and usable whenever you please”

The way the luck mechanic is described by developers Duckbridge is the”more luck you have the more chance you have that, enemy bullets might miss, you get saved from a bad jump or better loot is dropped in front of your feet. However, when you don’t have much luck in your lucky bracelet, bridges might collapse, rocks might come loose and outlaws might find a way to get a jump on you”

The gameplay and luck system can be seen in the trailer below:

As well as having luck on your side you’ll also have a charming duck companion on your shoulder that will collect loot, distract enemies and return your throwing knives, “but only when his tiny little duck brain tells him to do so.”

Duckbridge have pointed out their inspiration of the game to be “unrealistically fast gunslingers, the dark gritty humor and the greed driven anti-heroes of the spaghetti western classics” on one half and on the other, “vinyl digging, graffiti spraying, rhyming and the slow drums and jazzy samples of hip hop culture and sound”

Duckbridge is set to appear alongside others at E3 as part of the IndieCade Selects! and will be giving players the chance to try the game out for themselves.

You can find more details of the game on the developer’s website. And if you cannot wait five days, you can always play the demo on Duckbridge’s website to make up your own mind about it.

Luckslinger will release for PC, available to Windows, Mac and Linux on the 16th June. The price is yet to be confirmed but should be around 12.99 USD and EUR, according to Duckbridge.

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