The results of last month’s Ludum Dare competitions are in, revealing Sheepolution’s film set simulator, One Take, to be overall winner while one-arrow wonder Titan Souls took 3 categories in the 72-hour jam competition.

Winning gold in the audio and mood categories, a result of the stellar sound work from David Fenn, the Titan Souls team also took first place overall for their Shadow Of The Colossus meets Dark Souls effort. The result is the second in a row for Fenn and designer/programmer Mark Foster, the developer of CHROMA, which we covered at this year’s Eurogamer Expo. The two, along with artist Andrew Gleeson, have revealed to Indie Haven that they are working on turning Titan Souls into something a bit bigger, with the original game already ported out of flash in preparation. Expect to see more titans from the team later this year.

Other notable accomplishments include a gold in innovation for Alex Rose for his un-bear-ably good take on the theme, a game in which only one person may win – by using the corpses of the players before them as platforms. Our Free Games reporter, Jenni, had a good look at Rude Bear Resurrection, and a couple of others that are well worth your time, in the last roundup (and the week before)

After tallying player votes and considering all the incredible games, sadly (and almost ironically) there could only be one winner…in each category. But the scores show just how tight the competition was, and it’s well worth having a look through all the runners up and honourable mentions on the official site.

Congratulations to all those taking part! Roll on April!

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