MASSIVE CHALICE, the fantasy strategy title from Double Fine Productions, will be officially leaving early access and launching June 1st on Steam and other digital retailers with the Xbox One version soon to follow.

MASSIVE CHALICE began as Double Fine’s second Kickstarter project back in the Summer of 2013. After funding more than $1.25 million through its campaign, the game entered Early Access November of last year and has been slowly working its way toward version 1.0. The final product will launch with full controller support, something previously unavailable in the PC version.

Headed by Double Fine veteran Brad Muir, MASSIVE CHALICE has players assume the role of an eternal king whose lands are beset by evil invaders. Players must manage generations of warriors, pairing couples together to spawn more champions and collecting the relics of fallen heroes to pass on to younger generations.

You can still purchase Early Access to MASSIVE CHALICE through Steam for $29.99 or on the Humble Store where the title is currently on sale.

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  • I’ve been in since the kickstarter and it’s been pretty fun. Glad to see it made it all the way to being officially launched!