With his involvement in his Mega Man-inspired platformer Mighty No. 9 coming to a close, developer Keiji Inafune rolled out a brand new Kickstarter for the game Red Ash, a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends. The Red Ash team includes Legends‘ Art Director Kazushi Ito and Game Director Masahiro Yasuma.

Red Ash is an open-world third-person shooter with aspirations of modernizing classic action-adventure games. As with Legends, when not exploring towns and talking to NPCs, the player will be scrounging around in dark dungeons to earn money for weapon and ability upgrades.

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Set after a human and robot war ravaged the world, Red Ash follows a band of treasure hunters who intend to raid the Mobile Citadel KalKanon, a walking city on a crash course to destruction. Borrowing his name from Mighty No. 9, Beck explores the Citadel’s ruins, battling its robots and unseen horrors.

The world and art will pay homage to Japanese animation, and consequently, alongside the game, an anime of Red Ash will be Kickstarted by STUDIO4℃. The two entities will exist in parallel worlds; separate stories based off the same concept and character design. Its initial goal of $150,000 covers production for a five minute episode, while stretch goals offer additional episodes in different locations.

Something to note: the game’s Kickstarter only covers an initial step into the Red Ash universe called ‘The KalKanon Incident’. The team hopes to fund future content with sales from the prologue chapter, additional crowdfunding, or a publisher. Even still, the Kickstarter’s initial goal of $800,000 will only fund half of The KalKanon Incident, while a stretch goal of $1,300,000 will fund the second half. The game will initially be exclusive to PC. Though the team did not rule out ports to consoles, the stretch goals currently focus solely on additional story content.

Inafune has kept busy recently, involving himself in Armature Studio’s ReCore and releasing Mighty No. 9 on September 15. With $299,000 pledged with 26 days to go, he may also be adding Red Ash to his plate.

Source: GameSpot

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