Developer Mike Bithell recently allowed the PlayStation Blog to enter his Home-Studio and conduct an interview that gives great insight into the development process of Volume, and how its undertaking differs greatly from Thomas was Alone.

In a video on the PlayStation Blog, Bithell talks of how his first project Thomas was Alone was quickly developed with limited resources.

“Thomas Was Alone was kind of a game that I made very consciously of that I had no money and resources, I’ll make the smallest game that people might play,” Bithell said.

This time, he has the resources to hire a small team and can create what he truly wants to, instead worrying too much about cost or time. Volume is a retelling of the Robin Hood myth, with the protagonist Rob Loxley now acting as a “Let’s Player of crime” in the hours before his arrest by the state.

The game itself is a stealth game focusing on gadgets and strategic game play. Emphasis is made on using various tools to navigate the game’s levels without being detected

“Volume is all the bits and pieces I like of stealth games I often ignore, and a big part of that is not killing enemies,” he said.

Bithell then moves on to the some of the realities of being in charge of such a project.

“The level of responsibility is scary, I try not to think about it too much,” he said. “The reality is if the game not good that’s my fault, if the games not working or we don’t hit a deadline that’s my fault. It’s my money paying for the project from Thomas Was Alone. So there’s a lot stuff bearing down and voices in your head. Honestly I try ignore it, not interact with it.”

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