Football (or Soccer, if you prefer) MMO 90 Minute Fever from new studio Isokron claims to be ‘the most advanced and in-depth online football management game ever’. Players can battle head-to-head in live matches against one another – competing across a range of football associations, each with its own array of leagues and tournaments.

The game will test your strategic know-how and your ability to keep your cool under pressure. Just as the real guys do? Here’s a teaser trailer for you:

The game promises fully customizable team names, colours, emblems and mottos using its Club Creation Kit. Analyse statistics and formulate a game-plan. Defend against your opponent’s strengths and exploit their weaknesses. Build a long-term plan for your club and tweak tactics on the fly. It does sound very MMO-esque, but being set around the world of football is an interesting twist.

“We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what an online football management experience should be” says Nick Kakoschke, founder of development studio Isokron in a press release, “something that’s more immersive, more interactive, and more engaging for those who take their football seriously.”

He added: “We wanted to create a game that players can really get absorbed in, rather than logging in for a few minutes a day to perform a few routine chores. We can’t wait to see how people respond when the beta launches later this year.”

90 Minute Fever is currently undergoing closed-doors testing but a public beta will launch early next year. In the meantime, selected players who sign up on the website will be chosen for early access. The full game is scheduled for release on PC later in 2016.

To sign up for the beta go to