Minecraft has had an awful lot of additional content built in over the years, but the fundamentals were set in place long ago, in a time before recorded history. However, Mojang’s recently taken to improving its combat system, and yesterday released a snapshot build of the game to show off their new mechanic, including an attack charging system which means the end of endless clicking.

The snapshot 15w34a changleog explains that holding the attack button charges a power meter to increase attack damage. This makes timing attacks far more important and, while it’s not much, it certainly makes combat more dynamic and interesting. Reddit user ‘Mr_Simba’ notes that under this system, it’s possible to kill a zombie in three or four hits instead of twenty-two under the old one.

As interesting as this all is, Mojang notes that the combat changes introduced are “completely not final nor balanced at all in the absolute slightest not even a little bit really honestly seriously.” They also say, “We welcome all feedback, but please remember that nothing is yet balanced and the mechanics themselves are subject to change and redesign.”

It’s important to keep in mind this is all experimental but Mojang’s efforts to work on the combat system could prove to be an exciting turn of events for many players. For those more into programming than building or fighting, the snapshot build also adds some new command blocks. As usual, the snapshot build has a fair amount of weirdness about it and bugs and glitches abound. Mojang’s still far off from a proper 1.9 release – but they’re definitely working to make it a big one.


Source: No More Click-Click-Click: Minecraft’s Combat Changes [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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