Developer Ustwo has revealed details on its expansion to mobile puzzler Monument Valley, titled Forgotten Shores.

Due to be released next week and boasting eight new levels as an in app purchase for $1.99, these extra levels are actually being inserted into the main game itself, rather than being bolted onto the end.

Explaining the decision, executive producer Dan Gray reasoned that “It’s kind of like a directors cut. Like watching the bonus features on a DVD.”

An intriguing perspective based puzzler, Monument Valley technology director Peter Pashley was keen to stress that the core gameplay would be retained in these new levels and that rather, the difficulty level would be increased instead.

“The basics of interaction are the same, but there are more steps you have to perform.” Pashley noted, before going onto state, “It was kind of a good excuse for us to do what we enjoy doing and let some of those concepts that had been wandering around at the back of our minds actually see the light of day.”

Monument Valley hit a milestone earlier this year when the intriguing puzzler racked up one millon downloads back in July.

Although Monument Valley is also available on Android devices, no details have been forthcoming regarding when those users can expect the additional levels.

A trailer for the new Forgotten Shores content can be viewed below.

Source: Wired

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