Here at Indie Haven we review indie games. Some might say that we’re actually a haven for them – we’re pretty subtle about it, so I won’t blame you if you hadn’t noticed. Twine is a system that provides one of the most accessible development platforms with which to create games. You just type in some words, put brackets around some of those words, and boom: video game.

It can also get a lot more complex than that, but if anything’s going to encourage a person to muck about on it, make a little thing and think “hmm, I bet I could do better”, it’s Twine. This means more indie game developers. That mean more indie games. That means… you get the idea.

Unfortunately Twine isn’t the most well known of things. Sure a lot of people directly involved in making or reviewing games are aware of it, but everyone I’ve asked who is mainly a player of games hasn’t ever heard of it, and that’s pretty crap.

So my plan is to review Twine games. A lot of Twine games. As many Twine games as my tiny mind can handle. Then I’m going to post reviews up here so you can read the them, then play the games, then know what Twine is, then make your own game, then I review it, then people read it, then they…

I’m not going to be scoring the games because Twine games can vary so wildly in format, length and content that trying to apply a single sliding scale to them is absolutely ridiculous. I am, however going to be reviewing them properly. None of this “oh but it’s only a free/twine game” rubbish. A good game is a good game, and deserves to be reviewed as such. Not that I’m going to be ripping into games that might miss the mark – that’s not constructive or helpful, just cruel.

Do you have a Twine game you want me to review? Email me at benm[at]indiehaven[dot]com.

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Ben is pretty damned nerdy. If he isn't playing video games, then he's probably rolling some dice to hit goblins and thugs or designing, running and crewing a host of LARP systems. He lives in Brighton, because it's nice there. You can follow him on twitter @benrlmeredith

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